Established in 2013, the Linz Heritage Angus Ranch was developed as a place to raise the very best purebred Black Angus Cattle. With over 50 years in the business, Linz offers superior registered genetics with traceable lineage, an ideal environment, and unprecedented quality and consistency.


  • No Added Hormones

    Linz Heritage is the difference: 100% Black Angus, USDA Prime, and Natural Prime (no added hormones.) Marcel is the only Prime steakhouse in Atlanta that uses beef without added hormones.

  • Superior Genetics

    Linz is 100% Black Angus, while 90% of USDA Prime comes from cows that have dairy cow influence. The high-quality diet, superior marbling that is rich and abundant creates a flavor profile that simply delivers the “wow” factor.

  • The Perfect Environment

    Our beef is personally sourced from family farms in the midwest, where the mild environment and comfortable temperatures create optimal conditions that promote low stress, health, and growth.

  • Dry Age Fallacy

    Some say that if it doesn’t have that “blue cheese funk,” it’s not properly dry aged. This is 100% false. True dry aging is when the meat goes directly into the dry aging room (the “funk” comes from wet aged steaks going into a dry aging room, meaning that they are not fully dry aged from beginning to end).

  • Bone-in Dry Aged Ribeye

    In order to ensure that it always meets our standard of thickness, we only allow our bone-in ribeye to come from the chuck side, which is what gives you a naturally larger spinalis (the most tender and best part of the ribeye). It is true dry aged.

  • Bone-in Filet*

    What makes our spec superior is Linz’s ability to round off the bone, which helps ensure even cooking. Most don’t bother to go through the trouble.

  • “A Cut Above The Rest”

    Our Porterhouse spec gets one porterhouse per side – others will get 2-3 per side but this results in a thick, chewy (“gristly”) vein in the NY side.

  • Cooking Over Wood

    We asked the king of meat, the late Josh Ozersky, “Do I need a high heat broiler?” He replied, “Oh please no, it has to be cooked over wood. Everyone uses broilers.” We season and start the steak over burning Georgia hickory, cooking it a notch lower and then resting the meat. We then baste it in salted butter to finish with an intense, beefy, smoky flavor and a great crust.

  • Bone-in NY Strip

    We take the first 3 steaks from the short side, which leaves about 4 more plus 2 “vein steaks.” The reason we don’t take all 7 is that the middle cuts are larger, which results in a thin steak. A thick steak is needed to achieve a beautiful crust outside and a juicy interior.

  • *USDA Prime or Linz Heritage Angus